Denchi Plot Allotment


A historic day for the development of Denchhi town. Dasho Dzongda and his team, public of Pemagatshel gathered at Denchi for the plot allotment. 27 commercial and 78 residential plots were allotted. The public of Pemagatshel were very happy The initiative will usher into construction of urban structures at Denchhi. The people of pema Gatshel also  expressed their heartfelt gratitude to government.

There are few thing that public need to follow after getting plot at Denchi

The cost of the land has to be deposited to Dzongkhag Revenue within 3 months from the date of allotment.

The dzongkhag shall process the land registration within one year provided if the land owners makes the full payment.

The allotted plots cannot be sold, gifted, exchanged or donated within 10 years from the date of allotment.

The government land presently occupied by the business operators have to be vacated and surrendered to government.

The public should contruct building within three years commencing from the date of registration of the plot in the Thram, failing shall led in cancellation of plot as per section 219 and 222 of the land Act 2007.

The allotted plots shall be taken care by the land owners. if plot is left unattended and incase in future if owners need boundary mark than such work will be charged by authority.


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