International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in Nganglam


Led by Dasho Dungpa and Dasho Drangpoen, over 250 people of Nganglam Community in Pemagatshel observed International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women by walking across the town. The participants turnout is high for a population size of Nganglam. The walk promoted gender equality and community ownership of such important issue. The volunteers of Community Based Support System and Multi-Sector Task Force raised over Nu.44,000 during the walk for RENEW.’

On 25th evening, variety show was organized for public of Nganglam to deepen their understanding about violence against women. Program included screening of documentary clips, drama, songs and dances related to violence against women and girls. Huge crowd gathered to watch the show. Public were not charged any fees and instead they were offered free tea and snacks. In between the programs, people were read out and translated in dzongkha language about “16 things one can do to help end violence against women and girls”. The program was packed with awareness messages. Similar evening program was also organized at Pemagatshel main town.

In Nganglam, chaired by Dasho Dungpa, a meeting was held for sector heads and business communities a week prior to the elimination of violence against women day. Among others, one of the main objectives of the meeting was to urge people to sponsor for the walk. Therefore, contributions from staffs of the different offices started pouring in before the main day itself. Overall, Nu.107,028/- which included donation during the walk and orange t-shirt with slogan “stop violence against women” worth Nu.17,500 was raised; after deducting the expenditure and t-shirt, Net Nu.80,573 is being saved to be handed over to RENEW on behalf of Pemagatshel Dzongkhag.


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