The Dzongkhag Administration, Pemagatshel invites following sealed bids from the eligible and qualified bidders for the supply of Dairy Equipment.

Bid No.Name of the dairy equipment to be supplied.Sale date for bid/ tender documentLast date of submission and operating
Package 1
  1. Yoghurt Vat (Pasteurizer), Yoghurt Incubation Chamber, Yoghurt Culture, Yoghurt Cups with lids, Deep Freezer, Display Freeze, Yoghurt Cup Tray, Yoghurt Cup trolley, Chaff Cutter cum Maize grinder and Generator.
8th November 2017

to 8th December 2017

8th December 2017 before 10.00 AM and will be opened on same day at 10:30 AM (BST) at DYT Hall


1. Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding procedure specified in the Procurement rules and Regulation and are open to all the bidders.

2. A complete set of bidding documents (in English) containing details terms & conditions may be downloaded from Dzongkhag website or click here to download the bidding document.

3. All the bids must be accompanied by Bids security and must address to Chairman, Dzongkhag Tender Committee, Pemagatshel.

4. For further information/ clarification, Please contact Dzongkhag Procurement Officer at telephone no: 07-471170 (O) / 17592956 (M) during office hour.

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