Dzongdag’s Message

Kuzu-zangpo & Welcome to Pemagatshel Dzongkhag Website.


Dasho Dzongdag

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is rapidly changing the world works. Information and communication plays an vital role in development of knowledge based society. Access to information and knowledge is rapidly becoming a potent tool for each and everyone and communities everywhere for better life. Informations available can be accessed easily with the use of Internet facility. Information Technology & communication has touched every corner of developmental activities. Since Bhutan is a developing country, Bhutan now has the right opportunity to build the economy based on knowledge and for that information and technology can play pivotal role to inform and share information amongst each other to build knowledge based economy which will contribute toward the growth of Gross National Happiness.

The launch of the Dzongkhag Website has helped many stakeholders and beneficiaries to avail the information at the most. Now the information with regard to the Dzongkhag will be available in our Website. (

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