Choekhorling Gewog

Chokhorling Gewog, earlier known as Kulikata has been bifurcated from Norboogang Gewog in November 2006. It is located in the south-eastern part of Bhutan. It lies between altitude of 300-1000m above the sea level with sandy-loamy soil. It has an area of It has a total of 270 Households and 2170 population. There are 58 Choetens and 6 community owned lhakhangs. It consists of five chiwogs viz; 1. Arden 2. Chokhorling- Gazawoong 3. Yargyewoong 4. Dizama-Shoguri 5. Kerong. The above Chiwogs are further divided into 9 villages. all of the villages have access to clean drinking water, sanitation facilities and mobile connectivity. Maize is the staple diet of the Gewog. The gewog has 1 primary school, RNR center, Grade II BHU, farm shop and a community center.