Dungmaed Gewog

Dungmead Gewog is located in the southern part of Pemagatshel Dzongkhag with a total area covering approximately 112.5 sq. Km and it is moderately warm in summer and cool in winter. The Gewog consists of Five Gewog namely Dungmead-Zimzor, Bangyul, La-Nyiri, Serduwa, and Woongborang, and they share its border with Chhimung, Khar, Chongshing, Dechheling, and Choekhorling. It has a population of 2830 consisting of 358 households and a total of 157 chortens. Gewog has access to all the facilities like electricity, telecom service, and safe drinking water.  Maize is grown as a major Crop whereas cardamom and ginger are grown as cash grown. Birds such as the great Hornbill can also be found in Dungmead Gewog. A 35 km farm road from the Dzongkhag Administration connects the Gewog center. The Gewog center is located in Dungmead Gewog with eight staff, including Gup (Block Head), Mangmi, Gewog Administration officer, and five Tshogpas. There are basic infrastructures like an RNR center, two primary Health Units, one sub-unit, three ORCs, one indigenous unit, and two ECCD facilities. Dungmead Gewog has two primary schools which are located at Dungmin and Mekuri (Bangyul Chiwog) with a total student of 153 altogether.


Dungmaed Gewog Map