Dechheling Gewog

Dechheling Gewog is located in the sub-tropical with an altitude ranging from 600-1500m with a total area coverage of approximately 156.2 sq. km. The Gewog consists of 6 chiwog namely Dongphu-shingchuri, Namdaling, Gosihing-Rezimo, Dongchilo-Kholomri, Dechheling-Gonpawong, and Yangmalashing with farm roads connected to all the chiwog. It has a total population of about 4646 consisting of 630 households. Dechheling Gewog enjoys a hot and humid summer and a cool and mild winter. The Gewog center is connected by 171 km from Dzongkhag Administration. The Gewog administration has 9 staff including Gup, Mangmi, 6 Gup, and 1 Gewog Administration Officer. Maize is grown as the main crop whereas orange is grown as a cash crop and minor crop includes buckwheat, finger millet, radish, cabbage, chili, pumpkin, etc. It has basic infrastructure like the public health center and 3 ORC.  In addition, Dechheling Lower Secondary School is also located in Dechheling Gewog with a total students of 258 and 20 teaching staff.