New Recruitment

30 January 2024

PemaGatshel Dzongkhag welcomed 16 new recruits in different posts today (30/01/2024). The orientation program was held at the  Dzongkhag Tshogdu Hall. 

The program was graced by Dasho Dzongdag and attended by Dasho Dzongrab and Sector heads of the Dzongkhag administration.

In his  keynote address, Dasho Dzongdag highlighted the crucial aspects of their roles as civil servants. Dasho also highlighted how fortunate everyone in the hall is to be employed in public service at this very crucial juncture of nation-building. He outlined the characteristics of a 21st-century civil servant, focusing mainly on expertise in subjects, problem-solving, effective communication and being great Human beings. 

Dasho Dzongrab and sector heads actively participated in the program and interaction with the new recruits. The new recruits were oriented on their duties, responsibilities, and obligations as civil servants. The new officials’ prompt response to our invitation for the orientation program indicated nothing but their excitement to join the family of Team PemaGatshel . The Dzongkhag Administration, PemaGatshel looks forward to working collaboratively with our new officials.