Royal Civil Service Award 2023

14 December 2023

Chaired by Dasho Dzongdag and attended by Venerable Lam Neten, Dasho Dzongrab along with Sector Heads, Dzongkhag Administration, PemaGatshel marked the auspicious day of 14th December 2023, as Civil Service Medal award day.
58 officials received their civil service medals:
1.    Lifetime award - 7
2.    30 years and above –  3
3.    20 years and above – 23
4.    10 years and above – 25 

The day was also marked as Promotion Ceremony Day for officials whose promotions are effective from January 2023. A total of 42 civil servants received their promotion orders.

While congratulating the medal and promotion recipients, Dasho highlighted on the criticality of the roles civil servants play in nation building and the realization of national goals and aspirations. Dasho also shared his thoughts on the qualities of a highly effective civil servant:
i. Being proactive with a positive mindset: Recognizing opportunities and challenges and being prepared, being able to project into the future and focusing on ‘what CAN be done’ and not on ‘What CANNOT be done’.
ii.Health: importance of being healthy both physically and mentally
iii. No man is an island unto himself: need to collaborate, coordinate and communicate.

The highly motivating event concluded with the medal and promotion recipients pledging to work very hard and give their very best toward the realization of national goals and aspirations.