Dzongkhag Administration


Vision:           “A peaceful Dzongkhag with equitable and sustainable livelihood and a

                                     model commercial hub for the eastern region’ L”                          

Mission:        “Provide prompt and quality services in pursuit of physical, social and    

                             economic access for an active and healthy life at all times”


The Dzongkhag Administration ensures that all the activities are executed in line with our Vision and Mission. Besides, we have developed various strategies and objectives to steer towards the realization of the Vision and Mission in the future.


Targeted poverty intervention programmes such as Rural Economic Advancement Programme and National Rehabilitation Programme will be implemented in the 11th FYP. Other major strategies include:

1.Increasing agriculture and livestock production for income generation and food  security:

Facilities such as irrigation, storage, packaging and accessibility to market will be enhanced. For increased commercialization, group formation and information system will be improved.

The Dzongkhag has potential for cultivation of horticultural crops like cardamom, ginger, vegetables and tropical fruits. However, farm labor shortage, lack of storage and marketing facilities have not resulted in commensurate increase in the incomes of the farmers. Therefore, many of the farmers have shifted to off-farm activities such as manual work at the .

2.Improving health of the community for healthy and productive citizens.          

Dzongkhag will intensify health program with further improvement in existing facilities such as strengthening infrastructure, improving water supply and sanitation. Dzongkhag will also provide increased care and awareness to address lifestyle related diseases, drugs abuse and mental health problems. 

3.Promotion of handicrafts, Eco community based tourism for income generation will be enhanced.


  1. Effective and Efficient service delivery
  2. Enhance democratic governance
  3. Ensure participation of all stakeholders in the development of the Dzongkhag
  4. Promotion and preservation of culture and tradition
  5. Promote small and medium scale enterprises in terms of indigenous handicrafts and RNR products
  6. Promote and preserve Driglam choesum


The completion of Gyalposhing±Nganglam highway and Tsebar-Mikuri±Durungri feeder road, the commencement of Dungsam Cement Project, the feasibility of establishing a regional hub at Nganglam, the construction of the Pemagatshel Dzong and development of new township at Rinchenthang, Nganglam and Denchi are some of the major activities in the Dzongkhag during the Eleventh Plan. These projects will contribute to greater economic opportunities for the Dzongkhag in terms of Gypsum mining, road constructions and production of cultural and religious items such as Jaling, Dhung, Thonphu poe, Nyashing Jurma tea leaves, Thongsa Kamthap and Yurung Bura for their livelihood. Addressing issues of farm labor shortage, storage and marketing facilities, human wildlife conflicts, water scarcity etc could result in significant transformation in the lives of the people and their livelihoods.

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