Consultation on the Revision of BCSR 2018

Thu, 28 September 2023
Thu, 28 September 2023
DT Hall

As the nation moves forward undaunted with the unprecedented transformation exercise in our quest for the common goal of a Developed Nation, civil servants of PemaGatshel Dzongkhag interacted with the team from RCSC on the future of civil service. 

The RCSC team led by  Dasho Ugyen Tshewang, Commissioner, RCSC had come to newly inaugurated Druk Migjur Dechen Dzong for consultation with civil servants of PemaGatshel for consultations on the revision of BCSR 2018, which will be soon reborn as BCSR 2023.   

Commissioner Ugyen and team highlighted on major changes to BCSR 2018 which will be incorporated in BCSR 2023. While the civil servants were encouraged with these positive changes in some of the provisions, they also shared their concerns and raised questions on challenges poised by some of the existing rules and regulations

The consultation program  was attended by regional heads, sector heads, principals of newby schools , and all staff of Dzongkhag headquarter.
It was a very fruitful discussion and provided renewed sense of urgency and purpose.