Fodder development in the marginal land

June 2017, Pema Gatshel: The dairy groups of Bartseri under Shumer Geog and Khengzor under Khar geog carried out mass plantation of Fodder slips on the marginal land above and beneath the road in their community. Total of 60 farmers at Khengzor planted gautemala and Napier slips covering around 9 Kms from Labar Zero point to Khenzor Zero Point. On the Other hand 30 farmers of Bartseri also planted around 6 Kilometers stretches from Bartseri zero to old model house at Pema Gatshel.

Bartseri Group members engaged in Plantation

Bartseri Group members engaged in Plantation

The program was targeted with the following objectives:

  • Increase the fodder resources by planting fodder slips in the marginal land as most of the dairy farmers have smaller land holdings wherein plantation of fodder is not of a choice to agricultural farming.
  • Protect the dust from the commuters on the road that has adverse affect to the health of the habitant.
  • Prevention of landslides and soil erosion as due to road connectivity the lands are prone to landslides and eroision.
  • Involve the community participation  to keep the community clean and green

So that they are aware on the importance of the fodder plantation on marginal land

The dairy farmers were motivated by the awareness training provided by  the livestock sector on the diversification of the program. Cost benefit analysis was also done and discussion with the members on the profitability of pullet production within short span of time.

The Chairman of the Bartseri dairy group expressed his happiness over this venture and is expecting to curb the fodder shortages especially during the lean seasons. Am Tshering Zangmo of Bartseri village is so much happy that the group members has immensely planted the fodder slips The Khengzor Tshogpa also appreciated the program that has been an eye opener to his village folks and  is willing to take up this program in other marginal lands  in future.

Meanwhile, the Dzongkhag Livestock sector is optimistic that this program will address the winter fodder shortages that have been the primary reason for the drop of milk production in winter season. Moreover, the sector is aspiring to carry out similar program in other geogs too. The program was organized by the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector with the fund support from CARLEP.

Contributed by: Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Pema Gatshel

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