Gewog At Glance




1Total Area of the Gewog (Sq Km)114.08 Sq Km
2Location of the Gewog CenterPretengma
3Number of Chiwogs5
4Number of Villages14
5Number of Households380
6Number of Population3911
7Number of Lhakhangs (community & private)6
8Number of Chortens95
9Number of Schools3
10Number of Extended Classroom1Nil
11Number of Teachers28
12Number of Students405
13Number of NFE centerNil
14Number of RNR center1
15Number of RNR staff1
16Number of BHU1
17Number of ORC5
18Number of Sub post1Nil
19Number of Health Staff2

Brief profile

Khar gewog has an area of 114.08 square kilometers sharing borders with Dungmaed, Chongshing and Choekhorling gewogs. The Gewog consist of 5 chiwogs namely Khar-Yagyur, Khengzor-Labar, Shinangri, Bongmaan and Nagtseri-Tsebar. It has a population of about 3911 with 380 households in the 14 villages. The Gewog is connected by 55 km of feeder road which will connect Pema Gatshel and Nganglam Drungkhag. The Gewog center at Pretengma is connected by 6 km farm road.

Tseri and dry land cultivation dominate the agriculture landuse. The gewog grows soya bean, maize, and other vegetables. The main cash crop is Orange and the farmers  have also started growing Potential exists for horticulture development in ginger, cardamom, orange and cereal crops like mustard, millet, buckwheat and maize.  The establishment of piggery and poultry farms, cooperatives has enhanced the income of the farmer. The constraints faced are lack of water for irrigation, crop damage by wild animals, farm labor shortage and post harvest losses.

The gewog is popular for producing copper craft products like Dung, Jaling, lakhor (hand turn mini prayer wheel) and also for local Poe (incense stick) from Thonphu Gonpa.

The gewog has a Gup Office with 10 staff which includes a Gup, Mangmi, GAO, Geydrung, caretaker and 5 Tshogpas. There are infrastructures like RNR centre, one BHU one Community Information center which provides services to the public. There are 6 numbers of community and private Lhakhangs with 95 Chortens.


Map of Khar Gewog


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