CAIT Inspiration Tale

CAITTselinghor, Zobel geog, Pema Gatshel: If you visit the Tselinghor village, you will be inspired by 58 year old man, Memey Phuntsho. He is the Community Artificial Insemination Technician in his community which comprises of around 30 Households. He has been serving as CAIT for the last 1 year and 3 months and his journey was not that smooth as what people see. At the age of 57, he was nominated by his community to attend CAIT at Rural Development Training Centre in Zhemgang. In the training centre, he has to attend the course with the participant who where thrice younger to him yet, he never thought that the age would dissuade him during and after the training. He felt top of the world when he could proudly receive the completion certificate after a month long training and that’s how he land up as CAIT of Tselinghor village.

Within a short span of time, he has inseminated 65 numbers of cows and heifers and has 11 progenies. 14 of them are pregnant and are due for parturition. For every insemination, the community pays him Ngultrum 100 and for every male progeny he gets additional Ngultrum 200 and 250 for female progeny. Although it is a minimal earning yet something is better than nothing, say Memey Phunso. However, he feels that the government should come up with small incentives to encourage more CAIT participation to those far flung communities. The Dzongkhag Livestock sector is happy to know that that the service of CAIT in the community has contributed towards the improve cattle breed population. In near future, it is expected that there will be more milching cows to supply more milk to the only milk processing unit in the community. Tselinghor village has a milk processing unit that processes about 100 litres of milk daily. Meanwhile, he is grateful to the Department of Livestock, Regional Livestock Development Centre, Dzongkhag and Geog Administration for bringing this important service to the door step and has benefitted the community at large. Moreover, I feel my presence has been appreciated and is glad that I am of small help to them.

Reported by:

Yonten Dorji

DVH, Pema gatshel

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