Dzongkhag Welcomes new Drangpon


Today, on the auspicious occasion, Pema Gatshel Dzongkhag welcomed a new Drangpon, Dasho Tharchen at the Dzongkhag Court. Gewog Thrizen along all Gewog Gups, Lam Neten and sector heads of the Dzongkhag, heads of Dzongkhag regional offices and people of Pema Gatshel town and nearby areas joined the Dzongkhag in welcoming the new Dasho Drangpon. Dasho was welcomed with traditional Chibdrel Ceremony followed by zhudrey and marchang ceremony. ¬†Later Dasho officially took over the good office and was offered Tashi Khadar by all the officials and people present, praying for Dasho’s good service and stay at the Dzongkhag. The Dzonkhag also thanks the former Drangpon, Dasho Chador Phuntsho for his good and just service.

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